Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Buddhist Temple

Bong! Bong! rings the Buddhist prayer bell. We have crossed the beautiful red Asian bridge into this serene and wonderful place. Max and K ring the bell and this creates joy and happiness. We move slowly toward a small waterfall and a pool filled with multi-colored Koi fishes. The orange, yellow, and white ones glisten like jewels in the cool, blue water.

We walk up the steps to a small waterfall and listen to the water trickle rapidly down the hill. Now we walk up the ramp to enter the red temple. We remove our shoes and enter a large room. There is a beautiful golden Buddha above the altar of the temple. The gold glistens from the sunlight peeking in from the door behind us. Max lights some incense as Asian worshippers say solemn prayers in front of the altar. We exit the temple onto a little bridge and we are surrounded by the sunburst colors of the Koi fish again. Max and K feed the fish the majestic black swan and the brown and white stripped birds. We walk along green and stone Asian gardens. We leave with a feeling of well-being and tranquility.

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Elizabeth said...

Okay you got to keep posting now.:) I miss you. We had such a great time with you. L sobbed the whole way home from the airport.